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Money Goddess Workbook: 

This workbook is extremely powerful. It’s not some ditsy freebie you are going to scroll through and toss. This is something that you get to create sacred space and time for.

Set aside an hour or two, lock yourself somewhere where you will be undisturbed and create some sacred space. Light a candle, dim the lights, make some cacao or hot tea for yourself and set the mood. Put on some inspirational music. Take out your pen and get started.

The deeper you do this work, the deeper impact you will see.

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Overcome Fear In Your Life 

This workbook will help support you in generally overcoming fears in your life – and especially clearing fears around exiting from your 9 to 5 and working for yourself. These are the exact questions that supported me in leaving my job within a year of starting my business with a thriving business. If you feel like the fears are overpowering you and you want to get into action – book some 1:1 time with me at

Wishing you the most amazing transition from your 9 to 5 into your own thriving business. You can do it and I am here for you if you need a deeper level of support!

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