Wealth Activation School


Creating a supportive mindset around money is vital to creating our dream lives.

We must wipe clean the old beliefs that won’t serve us where we are headed….

We must activate our wealth consciousness in order to go in the direction of our dreams.

There are so many resources for making more money – most of which will either show you how to manifest more money or how to run a tight budget.  How to attract money or how to realistically pay off your debt.

The problem is – most of the time those two opposing ideas are contradicting each other and the truth is, we actually need both – and to understand when to use which!

In order to truly call money in and create a deeply trusting relationship with it – we must invoke both the masculine and feminine energies.

This is where I come in.

If you are new to money mindset work… download my complimentary Money Goddess Workbook to take a dive into your beliefs around money and how they are impacting you now.

If you are thinking about leaving your job to run your full-time business.. download my Complete Guide to Leaving Your 9 to 5!

You need to know how to create new beliefs. You need to know how wealthy people think. You need to know how to create a life of ease and total joy.

Welcome to Wealth Activation School.

40 Day Sacred Wealth Activation Ceremony 

Wealth Activation School